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TAAF Banquet

May 13, 2015 by AdminJames

Any of our gymnast that received a banquet flyer at the meet because they placed 1st in an event, All-Around or as team has earned a free ticket to go to the 1stAnnual TAAF Banquet. Parents will of course have to pay and you must pre-register on the website you cannot just go with the flyer and get in.

Information regarding banquet:

  • Anyone who won a gold medal in the state meet, in an event, in the all-around, or as a team is eligible to attend. Their coaches are eligible as well.
  • Attire: Sunday best
  • Dinner is served. $30 fee paid online covers dinner. Free for honorees.
  • Everyone must register on line. Coaches can register their gymnasts if they want, or their parents can register them.
  • The picture of the gymnast that we ask the gymnast to download can be any picture of them that they want.
  • The seating arrangements will be decided once the number of people attending is determined.
  • Gymnasts will hopefully be honored by walking up to receive a certificate; however, if several hundred gymnasts attend other arrangements may be put in place.  Details to follow as deadline approaches.


We will send out a list of names with the email later today or tomorrow with the info on summer and the new Team Application.

End of Season

May 11, 2015 by AdminJames

We have made it through the competitive season. Ms. Jan will have a letter out to all with a breakdown of the season.

We will take a two week break May 25th – June 5th.  June 1st through the 5th however, is an optional break for Levels 6-9. Mr. Wally will be here to workout with those that want to be in the gym training that week. All others will start back with our summer schedule on June 8th.

Later this week we will send out the Team Application, your athletes personalized workout schedules and/or choices for this next year as well as the fee for those options. Please remember that Team is a yearly fee broke down into 12 equal payments to make it more economical for you. We know that some would like to take a month or two off and that is fine but in order to hold your athletes spot you will still be required to pay their tuition during their absence.

We would also like to remind you that if you are going to be gone please write the dates your athlete will be absent on the team calendar.

Thank you for supporting our program and helping make it what it is today!!!!

Spring Break

March 3, 2015 by AdminJames

March 9-13 Gymtricks is closed for Spring Break.

We will schedule makeup classes today at your classes for those that missed Monday or Friday due to the gym being closed for weather.

Team Update 3-2-15

March 3, 2015 by AdminJames

ATTNENTION!!!!! There are just a few tickets let for next weekend for the Nastia Luikin Cup (3-6-15 7pm $25) or American Cup (3-7-15 10:15am $65)

Checks will need to be made out to Jan Eyman or we can take Cash. Sorry no credit cards.


Please make sure to put these fees on a separate check from your monthly tuition. We can take cash but no credit cards for meet fees.


Attached PDF’s

  • Updated Meet & Fees (addresses)
  • Updated Meet Schedule USAG & TAAF


        CURRENTLY DUE – All meets should be paid for now other than TAAF State.

                         TAAF – Classic (Everyone goes)

                        TAAF – Best – Level 1-4 & Xcel 

                       USAG – Level  8 State $110

                      USAG – Level 7 State $100

                       TAAF – The Rock – Levels 6 – 7 

                      TAAF –  Gymtricks Level 1- Xcel (No Level 7’s)

                     TAAF State Meets ( All due by April 1st)

As a reminder if we do not have these turned in by the deadline we may be unable to enter your child without a late fee.


Spring Break Workout Schedule – This schedule gives a 3-day weekend on each end of Spring Break and

Works for our gymnast that will still have school next week. Please make sure if your gymnast will not be here that you put their name

on the calendar on the Team Board by the front door. 


Level 1-2                              Tue & Thursday                                4pm-6pm

Level 3-4                              Tue, Wed & Thursday    4pm-7pm

Xcel                                       Tue, Wed & Thursday    12pm-4pm

Level 6-8                              Tue, Wed & Thursday    12pm-4pm




Coaches Contacts

Jan & Wally Eyman – Owners / Level 6-8 Optional Coaches Phone # 254-221-2177

Alisha Roberts – Gym Administrator and Director/ Level 3-4 / Acro & Tumbling Teacher    Phone # 254-266-1043  Gym Phone # 254-694-2065

Kandy Matus – Coach Xcel / Gymnastics Lesson Teacher 254-424-2677

Jolene Sinkule – Coach Level 1-2 / Gymnastics Lesson Teacher    Phone # 254-749-4144 


In House Meet 12-19-2014

December 19, 2014 by AdminJames

This is how event will go so that you can plan accordingly


Drop Gymnast off at 11:45-12

Pictures will begin at 12pm

Please feel free to leave and come back at 1:30 so that you are not sitting for a long period of time just waiting.

To make things go a little fast we will have the gymnast warmup and stretch from 12:30-1:30

This way there will be no need to warmup each event. We will be ready to just compete and move on to the next event.


Competiton Rotation will go as follows:


Everyone will compete Vaulting in the Upper Gym and the move to the Lower Gym in this order


Level 1-2              Floor/Bars/Beam

Level 3-4 Excel   Beam/Floor/Bars

Level 6-8              Bars/Beam/Floor


This will be the gymnast first showing of routines to an audience and some skills are not perfected as of yet.  Some optional gymnast may not perform all skills. Please make sure to cheer for the girls and let them know what a great job they are doing.


As you know we did not charge for this meet as we will only have a few of the girls that will be requiring scoring prior to our first official competition. Therefore Mrs. Jan will be the only one Judging those gymnast.


We are looking at finishing around 4 ish, maybe before, and will start the Christmas party immediately following.

Please bring your food that signed up for and your gymnast’s Little Sister/Big Sister gift when you come.



Coaches Contacts

Jan & Wally Eyman – Owners / Level 6-8 Optional Coaches Phone # 254-221-2177

Alisha Roberts – Gym Administrator and Director/ Level 3-4 / Acro & Tumbling Teacher    Phone # 254-266-1043  Gym Phone # 254-694-2065

Kandy Matus – Coach Xcel / Gymnastics Lesson Teacher 254-424-2677

Jolene Sinkule – Coach Level 1-2 / Gymnastics Lesson Teacher    Phone # 254-749-4144

Team Update 11/24/14

November 26, 2014 by AdminJames

Thanksgiving Holiday

We will have normal practices Mon-Tue (24-25). Wednesday practice those that have it that day will come 9am – 1pm and we observe the holiday Thur-Fri (27-28)


Meet Fees

Fees for TAAF & USAG Registrations are past due. The first meets of the season fees will be due tomorrow and next week. As a reminder if we do not have these turned in by the deadline we will be unable to enter your child until it is paid and a late fee may apply.


Ordering Team Uniforms

All uniform fees are now past due.




Thanksgiving Holidays

We will observe November 27 & 28. As always if you are going to have to miss please notify your coaches. Also there is a calendar in the waiting room on the team wall to mark any dates that you already know you will be missing.


December 20th In House Meet

This is a very important date to mark on your calendars….Time to be announced.

** Team Photos to be taken

** First showing of routines

** Team Christmas Party


Christmas Holidays

As most of you know we like to hold practices in the daytime so that we are able to have family time in the evenings during the holidays. Once again we do understand that you may not be here to attend but please let us know.  Practices for December 22nd through Jan 2 will be as follows:


Level 6-8              Dec 22, 23, 26, 29, 30 & Jan 2 8:30am-12:30pm

Level 3-Excel      Dec 22, 23, 26, 29, 30 & Jan 2 9:30am-12:30pm

Level 1-2              Dec 22, 26, 29 & Jan 2 10:30am-12:30pm


Jan & Wally Eyman – Owners / Level 6-8 Optional Coaches Phone # 254-221-2177

Alisha Roberts – Gym Administrator and Director/ Level 3-4 & Xcel Optional Coach/ Acro & Tumbling Teacher    Phone # 254-266-1043  Gym Phone # 254-694-2065

Jolene Sinkule – Coach Level 1-2 / Gymnastics Lesson Teacher    Phone # 254-749-4144


Thanksgiving Schedule

November 12, 2014 by AdminJames

Things are going great here at Gymtricks. We are well into the school year and students have made a lot of progress learning or refreshing all the basic skills. You are now seeing teachers starting to put skills together with the students to begin routines. We will have our mid-school year show in January the day and time to be announced. Students will receive ribbons for their accomplished skills. In May will have our End of School Year Show with full routines as well as ribbons and medals. We do this to give our lesson students the opportunity to show off their gymnastics to family and friends.


GymTricks has an open door policy. Please ask to speak with Mrs. Alisha the Gym Director if you have any questions, concerns or want to compliment your child’s instructor. Please let us know if there have been any changes to your phone number or emails.


Please note that if your child has missed two or more consecutive classes we will contact you to see if you are still requesting to be enrolled. If we have no response the student will be dropped from our roster and you will need to call for other class times and availability. If possible we ask that you let us know prior if you are unable to keep your spot as we have a waiting list for several classes.


At GymTricks we know that many students enjoy participating in multiple sports. If you find that you have a conflict of days and times please contact Mrs. Alisha to what adjustments we can make for you.


As a reminder we take registration all year. If you are not currently enrolled or you know someone that wants to start classes. Please have them call 254-694-2065 for class times and availability.


If you know in advance that you will not be attending class during the week of Thanksgiving please let your teacher or email back that you will be missing.

We will have classes for the week of Thanksgiving on Mon-Wed as normal, we will observe the holiday on Thursday and Friday. (This is for Lesson & Team).                                             We will posting the gym Christmas Break dates soon.


GymTricks will be sponsoring the Angel Tree Program this year.  More information and Tree coming soon.

Birthday Parties

October 10, 2014 by AdminJames


You can have a great birthday party here at Gymtricks.  Call us for more details.

Gymnastics Banquet

July 24, 2014 by AdminJames

Please make sure to get your tickets for the banquet from Mrs. Alisha you will have to have these to go through the food line. If you have missed practice she will bring them to the banquet and you can pay there. Remember gymnasts are free, Adults $10 and Children are $6, 3 and under are free if eating off parents plate.


Friday July 25th  6pm – 8pm

Lake Whitney Arts on Hwy 22.

Second Summer Session Upcoming

July 7, 2014 by AdminJames

We have been off to a great start with summer gymnastics. We have two weeks left in our 1st session if you aren’t enrolled it is not too late.

We simply just prorate the cost of the classes that are left.

We are currently taking second session enrollment as well which begins Monday July 21st– Friday August 22nd

If you are in the first session now just let Mrs. Alisha know that you want to continue on through the second session.

You can make you payment the first week of the second session or sooner if you prefer.


If you not able to sign up for weekly classes, day camps are a great alternative they are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 9-12 for $15 each day.


We will begin registering for the Fall classes on August 11th. Fall classes will begin September 8th.

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