Girls’ Gymnastics Program




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In our 35+ years of experience teaching gymnastics, we have found that the majority of all students simply love the joy of moving their bodies in this special way.  There is no doubt among physical education professionals that gymnastics is one of the most challenging and physically benificial sport activities in the world.  It suits almost every child at their own levels, and it is certainly fun.  Now we offer a new aspect to the program that gives the students even more.  Everyone can fit in and everybody can shine.  All students will have the opportunity to earn a medal for the successful completion of skills, beginning at the Bronze Level.  It’s our hope that this plan motivates our GymTricks students toward personal goal setting in order to achieve their best.  Students simply love the feel of gymnastics movements, and come once, sometimes twice, weekly to learn as much as they can.  They all learn at their own pace, and that is why gymnastics fits almost everyone, as there is the opportunity to progress individually.  Having goals for specific skills can be a great catalyst and can add much to their challenge and enjoyment.  Our progressive program will allow them to see the lines of skills to be learned, and, once attained, they get an acknowledgement of that achievement and are encouraged toward the next level.  Each level has several skill on each event, and the children only need to accomplish a percentage of those skills in order to pass the level; allowing for variations in age and interest. At the end of each year students will show their parents, family and friends the skills they have learned in our Year End Show as well as receive ribbons or medals for their accomplishments

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