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PRE-K CO-ED GYMNASTICS – is a class for boys and girls ages 3 1/2  – 5. Children are grouped in co-ed classes typically no more than 6 months apart in their ages in order to keep the students well matched in basic ability and maturation levels. All of the basic gymnastics skills are developed with reinforcement to gross motor movement development and control. Music and imagination are combined with those gymnastics basics, locomotor skills and certain fine motor coordination activities to provide a well rounded physical education environment. Equipment includes skills and activities on balance beam, tumbling, trampoline, tumble trak, bars and vault with the addition of many specialized pre school apparatus and teaching tools to enhance their skills while working within the framework of their age and ability. Classes are 60 minutes long. When the students demonstrate development in skill, self control and concentration, they may be moved to regular Mini Gym classes.

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