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Toddler on Parallel Bars

TODDLER FITNESS – “Mommy or Daddy and Me” is a parent and child class for children ages 18month to 4 years. Classes are 60 minutes long and are designed to expose the students to numerous physical events and movement stations. Warm ups to music begin the class and both parent and child are introduced to the theme for each class. Parents are instructed on how to help their youngster with the physical aspects of the stations and enjoy the fun of seeing progress in skill, confidence, problem solving and social skills. There is no real waiting in line but the students are encouraged to observe the other students and play and participate cooperatively. Classes close with a music and/or parachute activity. Students may progress to the next level of KINDERGYM classes when they are ready to be in a class without the parent and are able to understand and follow directions and exhibit enough self control to participate freely but safely in a class with other students.

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